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These drawings span a range of about fifteen years; from one of the first drawings I did (or at least, the earliest I could find) in 1991, to the most recent (see "News and Updates" for details). They show a wide range of techniques, media, and influences. (And it won't be hard to determine which ones are the earlier drawings...)

Long-time readers may remember that I'd categorized the pics into "conventional" and "extreme" categories; the thinking at the time being that the studies in more exaggerated musculature (not to mention breast size) should be kept in a separate section to be accessed only by those who wouldn't be "shocked" by the more "experimental" character designs. *heh* As it happens, the "extreme" designs are by far the most popular depictions of Tetsuko, so when she (finally) came to her own comics series, these became her "official" look. So I've decided to simply mix the pics together in one gallery. (The only pics that are broken out into separate categories are commissioned drawings and the "Special Sexy" gallery.)

Where I think I have something informative or entertaining to say about a drawing, I've included a comment or two below the drawing. Otherwise, it's just as before: click on the thumbnail to display the pic in a new window.

And now - "Tetsuko: The Early Years!"

These are the very first drawings of the character, when I was still stumbling to visualize and concretize what was then only the vague concept of "a muscle-girl drawn in a style reminiscent of Japanese anime and manga." I have James Clavell to thank (blame?) for the inspiration (details here); it then became a matter of "what does she look like?" I've tried to arrange the drawings in somewhat of a chronological order, but I didn't always date my work in those days, and still slip up from time to time these days.

What I find remarkable, given Tetsuko's growth (in more ways than one!) over the years, is how skinny she is in these early drawings. I seem to remember being torn between the Tetsuko series remaining a "private" or "small press" project, or whether I would seek "mainstream" publication just as I was for Satin Steele (In those days, I was wondering if anyone would even accept the idea of a "manga-style muscle girl"; the fact that Tetsuko is far and away the most popular character I've created so far tells me I had nothing to worry about.)

Okay, I'll shut up now, and let the pics (and their accompanying comments) speak for themselves.


I'd be remiss, too, if I didn't mention that there are even a few pages of an unfinished comics story (in very rough sketch form) from these early days.

Here are collected drawings I was actually paid to do! (Nice gig, ne?)

The first row (5 pictures) were commissioned for a Japanese website (now sadly defunct) called "Muscle Beauty". The client asked specifically for a slimmer, less "extreme" version of Tetsuko. (interestingly, most of the drawings were featured in an area devoted to Tetsuko herself, and called "Tetsuko no Heya" ("Tetsuko's Room"); which just happens also to be the name of a long-running show on Japanese television, hosted by Kuroyanagi Tetsuko (one of my character's two namesakes).

This second group goes to the other extreme from the "Muscle Beauty" collection... these clients didn't mind my going "all out" in depicting Tetsuko's muscularity (or other attributes!)

And now we come to the "Special Sexy Not Quite Hentai" collection. These were previously accessible from a separate page behind an "adult content" warning. Now that I've put pretty much the entire site behind such a warning, I feel warranted in including them on the same page as the other pics. However, if by some chance you've gotten to this page without seeing such a warning, let me state it here:

WARNING: The images below portray female nudity and semi-nudity. Please do not access these pictures unless you are A) of legal age to do so in your locality, and B) not offended by such imagery.

Ooh, animation! A couple of animated sequences for your delectation. I'd love to do more animation, but the process is so time-consuming...

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