Hello! I'm Tetsuko! Welcome to my site!

David says he's gotten tired of what my old home page looked like, so he's in the process of designing a new page. Until then, you can still get to everything on the site from the links below. All the galleries of my pictures, the bios of me and my friend Sonya, even the comics I'm in, are all still here.

I hope you'll enjoy your visit here, and that you'll come back often... I'm always trying to get David to add new stuff all the time.

Oh, speaking of David, he's got something he wants to say...

If this is your first visit, and you're curious about who and what "Tetsuko" is:

Basically, Tetsuko (accent on the first syllable) is my vision of what a Japanese manga version of Supergirl might be like. The main differences between Tetsuko and Supergirl (and for that matter between Tetsuko and my other "super" characters like Starburst or Dyna the Damsel Dynamo is that Tetsuko doesn't possess as many powers: superstrength and a high degree of invulnerability is about all they share. Tetsuko can't fly, although like The Hulk she can travel great distances by jumping; she can't shoot heat beams or x-rays out of her eyes. And Tetsuko doesn't wear a costume... in fact, as you can see in that pic, often she doesn't wear much of anything! (News flash, Dave: do you know how hard it is to find clothes in my size??)

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