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The pictures in the galleries are all pretty and enjoyable, sure... but comics are what it's all about! My ambition is to publish each of my characters in her own stories or series; and when they're posted to the site, they'll be available from this central location.

Each character or series will have its own section; following the link from a particular character's home page will bring you to the approprate section on this page from which each individual story can be accessed. If you can't find a particular character's section here, it means there are no comics for the character (yet!).

And one final note: although I do make an effort to make "gateway" pages like this as "general-audiences" friendly as I can, my intended readership is adult (18+ years) and most of the actual comics have the potential of containing adult content (usually nudity and /or sexually suggestive situations, such as could be found in an "R-rated" movie). Whenever possible, I try to provide "PG" versions of the comics which also offer the option of viewing the "R" versions. Please do NOT access the "adult" content unless you are 18 years of age or older, and are not offended by nudity and /or sexually suggestive material.

So... pick a comic and read!

Satin Steele

Volume 2: A Bodybuilder's Life

Here it is... the start of the "new direction" announced on the Satin Steele home page some weeks ago. The storyline moves "back in time" to chronicle her bodybuilding career almost from the beginning; this installment, "Contest Jitters", tells the story of her second contest, and the events that conspire to turn it into a near-disaster. Click on the cover below to start.

Chapter 1 - 'Contest Jitters'

But the original "superheroine" issues of Satin Steele aren't going away; they're still here. (And the beauty part of the current emphasis on her bodybuilding rather than her heroics, is that sometime in the future this storyline can "catch up" to the previous issue #1... if I want it to...) Click on the cover below to read the corresponding issue.

Issue #1: Bones of Contention
"Bones of
Issue #2: Backstage Battle!
Issue #3: Bloodpaw!

Adults only!


NOTE: Tetsuko's adventures are now posted exclusively at her website; the links below will take you to the pages at www.tetsuko.com, and open in a new window/tab.

#1: Incident at Gannon Labs!

#1: "Incident at Gannon Labs!"

Witness the incredible transformation of Tetsuko in Part 1 of "Incident at Gannon Labs" - 28 pages of full-color excitement! (Okay, so maybe the first few pages are a little "quiet"...but wait 'til you get to the end!)
READER ADVISORY: Adults Only! Contains nudity and profanity. Please do not access this story if you are under the age of 18, or if such material might offend you.

#2: Fight! Mighty Muscle Girl

#2: "Fight! Mighty Muscle Girl"

So Tetsuko has now become endowed with a massively muscular and supremely strong body... what happens now? Well, there's still a small matter of rescuing Dr. Sonya Gannon from her kidnappers, Hamilton Slade and his crime ring!
READER ADVISORY: Adults Only! Contains nudity and profanity. Please do not access this story if you are under the age of 18, or if such material might offend you.

Heh... Tetsuko is only two issues old (at this writing), and it's already spawned an "alternate history"/"What If?" story!

A lot of readers have requested that I have Dr. Sonya Gannon take the formula and turn super-muscular like Tetsuko. While I have good reasons for not wanting that to happen in the "official" continuity... there's nothing to keep me from doing it as an "imaginary" story. So now you get to watch...

"Sonya's Growing Pains!"

NSFW: Nudity!!

By special arrangement with Outside Comics publisher Charles Treadwell*

Here's something I've wanted to post to the site for some time - the issues of Maxwell Madd and His Wrestling Women! I worked on with my good buddy Charles Treadwell. I'm actually not that big a fan of women's wrestling (or pro wrestling in general), but I treated it as a, shall we say, "specialized" form of the kind of "action female" stories I am fond of; and of course I enjoyed the humor and wit that Charles infused his stories with. The two major influences on MMWW would have to be Mexican women's wrestling movies like "Doctor of Doom" and "Wrestling Women vs. the Aztec Mummy" which involved women wrestlers in feats of derring-do against mad scientists and their monster cohorts; and the classic TV series "G.L.O.W." (Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling).

"G.L.O.W." was actually very instrumental in getting MMWW published. The genesis of the idea to do a wrestling-women comic came when Charles contacted the owners of the property in an attempt to get them interested in producing a comic book featuring the "G.L.O.W." girls. So we produced four pages of comics, written by Charles and illustrated by yerz trooly, with which to pitch the series. You can read those pages here! (unless the current owners of the property make me remove them). But a misunderstanding over who would be paying who to do the comic (we wanted them to hire us to package the comics for whoever wound up publishing them; they wanted us to pay them to publish them) aborted the project; whereupon Charles took the concepts he'd added, created original characters (well, he let me create one), stirred in the idea of "wrestling women vs. classic movie monsters" and and came up with... well, read for yourself.

*"Special arrangement" consisted of me asking him, "Hey, is it OK if I post Maxwell Madd to my website?" and him saying, "Sure, go ahead."

Miscellaneous Titles

Here's where you'll find stories and pages that don't fit the other categories; because they don't feature a recurring character, a character I created, or are a "stand-alone" story (or all three).

First up: a character not of my creation: the mighty, mysterious warrior woman known as "Red" the paladin!

Created by "Pumpmonger", Red travels the ancient world, fighting evil and injustice wherever she finds it. In this adventure, inspired by the motion picture "Hercules Against the Moon Men", she and her curent traveling companion Keiko are called upon to help free the people of Zagor from their wicked Queen - and her evil extraterrestrial master!

READER ADVISORY: NSFW! Because of Red's habitual wardrobe (or rather, lack thereof), and because of recurring nudity, sexual themes, and graphic violence, this comic is intended only for readers 17+.

"W/RP's Best Body!"

Click here for 'W/RP's Best Body!'

Our next entry in this category is an 8-pager done on commission in 2000. The client has the original, unaltered work; what you see here was slightly modified, and certain character names have been changed to protect me! (Yes, it's based on a familiar TV show.) So now, clicking on the link above will "instantly" (depending on your modem speed) whisk you to the studios of A Certain Radio Station in Cincinnati...

The character of Dr. Sonya Gannon, who appears in the Tetsuko series, did not spring fully-formed solely from my imagination. She is, indeed, an homage to a character I did not create, but spent quite a few hours drawing in the late 1980's - early '90's... Dr. Sonya Beta, the mascot of the Orlando chapter of a nationwide anime club. Dr. Beta's story can be found here, and an unfinshed comics adventure, "The Adventures of Dr. Sonya Beta and Beta Max" is now available. (The first page is Not Safe For Work, but after that you're probably OK.)

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