Important Notice!

The Future of DCM Studios Online

No, I am NOT giving up drawing, or my favorite subject matter.

No, I am NOT shutting down this website.

What I am doing, is reconfiguring my Web presence. As you may have already noticed, I am no longer using my update blog for alerts about new material here at the site. And you also may have noticed that I've been less than diligent about featuring new art and comics on the front page.

This is because I've been using my deviantART site as the main gallery and repository for my illustrations. I like the fact that I can post one file, and the dA site automatically generates thumbnail and preview images so I don't have to, and gives me some tools for organizing the pictures. I'm in the process of reposting some of the pictures here to dA; eventually most if not all the pictures here will be moved to dA.

So what will remain here at the main website? The comics.

As nice as dA might be for hosting and displaying single illustrations, it's not at all a good vehicle for hosting comics, which require a better navigation system than dA can provide.

At the present time, also, dA doesn't support movie/video clips, so any .mov or MP4 projects I may do will be hosted here as well.

So, basically, you'll be visiting my deviantART site to view my latest single illustrations, and for notices about (and links to) new additions to the comics featured here.

Don't worry; Satin, Tetsuko and my other characters aren't going away!

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