The world of competitive bodybuilding... to outsiders, a world of obsessed narcissists and "freaks of nature"; to its adherents, a world of deep camaraderie as well as intense backbiting.

Into this arena steps Janet "Satin" Steele, young, gifted, starry-eyed and eager to blaze her trail through the ranks of the sport. Her goal: the title of Ms. Ultima, symbolic of the world's best woman bodybuilder.

But her road will not be easy. Competition is fierce, and some of her "sisters in steel" will do almost anything to attain the title for themselves. She'll face misperception and prejudice in the "outside" world as well.

Follow Janet's story, and share her tribulations and triumphs as she strives for glory in her chosen sport, and understanding from a sometimes-uncaring society.

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A "welcome" message from series creator David C. Matthews