David C. Matthews, illustrator/cartoonist

Meet David C. Matthews, illustrator and cartoonist

Yerz trooly

No, I'm not the same Dave Matthews as in The Dave Matthews Band. I wish I could play a musical instrument, or sing, or something! Anyway...

I was born in Burlington, North Carolina December 23, 1953; but I've been living in Orlando, Florida since 1974. I can think of very few other places I'd rather live, although the traffic is starting to get annoying. Employed by Rubio Arts, Inc. as a "quick-sketch" portrait / caricature artist at Walt Disney World. Currently, I spend most of my working hours at the Brown Derby caricature stand at the Disney-MGM Studios. This is the source of 99.9999% of my income, even though I think of myself as (see above) an "illustrator and cartoonist" ...much the same way as an aspiring actor might take a job as a waiter or cab driver to earn an actual living, and still consider him/herself an actor.

Brown Derby caricature stand (1)Brown Derby caricature stand (2)


The best thing that ever happened to me:

In 1975, I met a wonderful woman named Janet Kasper. We married in August of 1977, and have been ecstatically in love ever since; she now proudly bears the name "Janet Matthews". There's at least a little something of her in most of the women I draw, even though she's neither blonde nor a bodybuilder :-) But her heart, her spirit, her generosity is present in almost every character I've created.
What she is: the perfect wife for me; my soul mate; as good for me as she is to me... I've met many women I wish I'd had the chance to date before I got married, but no one I would give up Janet for; incredibly tolerant of my innumerable faults and foibles; secure enough in herself and in my love for her that she controls very well whatever jealousy I'm certain she feels, considering how many "other women" there are in my life...


My other interests:The kind of stuff you'd expect from someone who likes the kind of stuff described above: comics, animation, Japanese animation (also known as anime), women's bodybuilding, the only sport I really follow.

My personal life isn't anywhere near as interesting as my work (even if I do say so myself). So without further ado...

Artistic Accomplishments:

Email: DMatthews@cfl.rr.com

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