An Unpublished Comics Series Concept...


The Ultimate Superheroine!

created by David C. Matthews

Illustration Starburst was born out of my frustration that DC Comics' Supergirl was no longer the Kryptonian cousin of Superman (that one died in the "Crisis on Infinite Earths" series), and no longer even female; it seems "Matrix" is a genderless shapeshifter who's only happened to have adopted a female form, from what I could gather. So, since nobody was doing a superheroine to my satisfaction (at least one of the same level of power as Superman/Supergirl), I decided to create one myself.

I wanted a superheroine who could fly, lift a planet (well, at least has the same strength level as Superman), and have bullets bounce off her chest; to distinguish Starburst from Supergirl (and Superman), I decided not to give Starburst X-ray or heat vision.

My inspiration for the look of Starburst came from Anna Nicole Smith, former Playboy Playmate. I saw her on the cover of Playboy looking very Marilyn Monroe-ish, and wondered why a Supergirl-type heroine couldn't possess that kind of glamourous facial beauty and a massive muscularity. I even went to the effort of digitally "collaging" her face with a female bodybuilder's physique (and threw in "certain attributes" of adult entertainment star Tiffany Towers for good measure) to create a "photorealistic" portrait of Starburst. (You can view it by clicking on the appropriate thumbnail below.)

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WARNING! For fans
of extreme female
muscularity ONLY!

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